JH- 8928I’ll be honest. For the first few years, World Next Door was pretty much a one-man show.

Sure, we had some fantastic summer interns, but when the summers came to an end, it was up to me to do all the traveling, all the photography, and every single bit of writing for the blog.

But not anymore. This magazine issue is proof that things have changed.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve known World Next Door is much bigger than me for a long time. But in editing this issue, the fact has been staring me in the face. I mean, I didn’t choose the partner ministry. I didn’t visit the country. I didn’t take any of the photos. Other than writing a few captions and subtitles, I had nothing to do with the content of this issue.

How cool is that?!?

Of course I’m jealous that Jeff and Brooke got to hang out at a Tiny Hands children’s home, visit frontline border stations, go undercover in a brothel/nightclub, and trek through the Himalayas, but I am thrilled to see World Next Door expanding far beyond the work of a single person.

Why am I thrilled? Because now I get to spend my time developing other aspects of this ministry. I can focus on strategic planning and long-term vision casting. I can develop a team of incredible people to multiply the effectiveness of our work.

It may not seem quite as glamorous as jet setting to the far reaches of the globe (it’s definitely not), but I am excited to see our mission being accomplished on a much broader level than I ever could have imagined before.

This month’s issue is about a place I’ve never been, so let’s dive in together and discover what God is doing through the work of Tiny Hands Nepal!

Barry Rodriguez
Founder and Executive Director
World Next Door