To be a comprehensive medical facility which is managed in a multidisciplinary model to provide for the needs of recovering patients.

Hospice care is needed for destitute terminally ill adults and children with HIV/AIDS to provide in-patient hospice accommodation, medical care, and psychological, social and spiritual support.

Around the world, hospice care has long meant helping the desperately ill manage their pain and to “die well”.

Siyaphila, the hospice partner of Loving South Africa, is challenging that definition in relation to those dying of HIV/AIDS.  Often patients arrive having been given a “certain death sentence”, but instead are escorted back to life.

Siyaphila believes in treating those in its care with the aggressive use of ARVs, anti-microbial drugs, good nutrition, compassionate counseling for families, and an environment of expectant prayer.

Traditionally, a hospice is expected to have over a 90% mortality rate, but more than 80% of those who arrive at Siyaphila eventually leave, given new life due to this radical treatment plan.

Siyaphila provides “step-down care” for HIV patients, serving as a half-way house between hospital and home. It provides a service to patients who no longer require acute interventions but who are simply not well enough to be cared for optimally outside of a hospital setting.

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