To raise leaders who embody patience, kindness, humility, service above self, truth, protection, hope,  trust and perseverance.

Lily of the Valley is much more than a Children’s village. Lily’s clinic, the “Testing” partner of Loving South Africa, not only provides testing, treatment, and care to the children living on site, it is also strategically placed to serve those in the surrounding community who once had to travel from 45 minutes up to an hour in either direction to receive medical services.

Lily’s programs and services, designed to reflect the needs of the whole community, will benefit the population in a much broader way than just HIV testing.

Their holistic set of services and programs, based on what will help the people the most, help engender trust between them and the community. These services include:

  • Computer training courses
  • Agricultural training programs(e.g., farming, gardening)
  • Micro enterprise/entrepreneurial training programs
  • Recreational Programs
  • Daycare center
  • Medical Clinic
  • Protected plots of land that can be used for farming by the community
  • Hydroponic tunnels to produce vegetables that can be sold by local people
  • Food Distribution (50,000 meals a month as of Nov 2009)

Lily has consistently operated their programs with efficiency and effectiveness that has earned them the credibility with the citizens and government alike to motivate testing amongst a population that would not otherwise get tested.

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Get Involved

The best way to support Lily of the Valley is through donations to Loving South Africa! Your gift can help:

  • provide lifesaving antiretroviral medication to a mother and her child ($35 a month).
  • enable one home caregiver to care for 10 families impacted by HIV/AIDS ($45 a month).
  • feed one AIDS-orphaned child ($70 a month).
  • pay an after-school program coach to positively impact hundreds of teens ($145 a month).
  • cover the cost for one HIV+ child to be fully cared for in an orphanage ($480 a month).

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