To expose young people to their inherent potential.

LSA and their partners are committed to changing history for all in the Valley and caring for the “orphan and widows in their distress” regardless of their stance on Christianity.

This is why LSA sees Spiritual Development and discipleship as an essential piece to the comprehensive approach to fighting the HIV pandemic, thus LSA has partnered with Light Providers as their Spiritual Development partner.

Light Providers not only focuses on changing circumstances but also addresses the root of the deeper issue, separation from God and ultimately from the purpose for which each of us were created.

Using various recreational and arts programs to get young people involved, Light Providers then takes participants through a series of biblically based life skills and leadership programs.

They place a high value on impartation, relationship, and walking alongside individuals. They develop them holistically, focusing both on the spiritual and the practical. As a result of this approach, Light Providers has been effective in transforming minds, hearts, and their community, thus bringing light back into the Valley of 1000 hills.

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