Last Bell Ministries serves children displaced from Ukraine’s broken families. There are about 100,000 orphans in Ukraine, and 4,000 of those are in the Zhytomyr region. Last Bell Ministries works with Orphanage #4, which has about 200 orphans.

Last Bell comes alongside teens before orphanage graduation, letting them know there is a family waiting for them. Upon graduation, they are invited to be part of one of two family homes. There, houseparents offer them the love and security of family, and the many practical and emotional tools they will need to survive their transition to independent life.

Additional staff offer graduates Biblical counseling and various kinds of practical help, including legal assistance. Young people are finding hope in Jesus Christ through Last Bell Ministries, and are furthering their education, finding good jobs and starting healthy families of their own.

To be an advocate for orphaned children who are at major risk of falling into drugs, alcohol and prostitution once being released from the ineffective  government orphanages.

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Last Bell

Many of Ukraine’s older orphans are lost to crime, sex trades, or suicide. But there is hope.


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