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Do you want to see the world in a new way?  Do you want to use your gifts to get others involved in social justice?  Do you want to be challenged to grow in ways you never thought possible before?

If the answer to those questions is “yes,” then maybe you are ready to participate in our year-long correspondent fellowships.  Interested?  Read on!

An Unforgettable Year

Our newest year-long fellow, Brad Miller, conducting an interview in South Africa.

Our fellowship program is tailored to each participant and designed to provide a deep and life-changing set of experiences around the world. In their year-long experience, our fellows will:

  • Write for World Next Door’s online magazine
  • Embed with local and global social justice organizations (1 national and 3-4 international assignments)
  • Learn at the feet of world-changing indigenous leaders
  • Develop a practical understanding of social justice issues, cross-cultural dynamics and effective Christian ministry
  • Receive training in specific areas of interest (including creative writing, photography, public speaking/teaching, leadership and fundraising)
  • Grow spiritually and emotionally through a variety of unique experiences

Traveling the World

Year-long fellow, Laura Stump, hanging out with kids in Kibera Slum, Kenya.

Each year-long fellow will participate in four or five journalistic “assignments.”  The length and number of trips will change slightly depending on which track each fellow chooses (see below).

  • U.S. Trip (1 month) – Each fellow will embed with one U.S. based social justice ministry
  • International Trip 1 (1 month) – Fellows will shadow a full-time WND staff member to a new or existing international partner
  • International Trip 2 (1-2 months) – Fellows will travel alone to an international ministry assigned by WND
  • International Trip 3 (1-2 months) – Fellows will travel alone to the location/ministry of their choice anywhere in the world.  We will guide each fellow through the selection and vetting process for this ministry.

Depending on the fellow’s chosen track (see below), he/she may be invited to participate as a co-leader on the WND summer internship team (2 months), may lead an international short term trip team (1-2 weeks) or may extend the length one of the first three international trips.

When not traveling, fellows are required to live in Indianapolis and work at the World Next Door office for the duration of the fellowship.  Activities will include skills training, trip logistics, research, participating in WND events and engaging with churches, small groups & individuals.

A Tailored Learning Experience

Year-long fellow, Stephen Crane, taking a train through rural India.

Our year-long fellowships are customized for each participant.  Each fellow will participate in unique training sessions, spiritual development classes and one-on-one meetings with local ministry leaders tailored to the fellow’s specific set of skills, gifts and desires.

Each fellow will choose one of three tracks to further customize their experience:

  • Creative Media Track – Fellows choosing the creative media track will have the option of extending one of their international trips to create a special piece of media.  Examples include photo books, documentary videos, radio segments, etc.  Specific training will be arranged as needed.
  • Leadership Track – Fellows choosing the leadership track will receive training in areas such as team building, mentoring and trip planning and will have the option of leading a short term trip of suburban Americans or co-leading the summer internship team with WND’s full-time staff.
  • Teaching Track – Fellows choosing the teaching track will receive training in public speaking, sermon preparation and storytelling and will have 3-4 opportunities throughout the year to teach at youth groups, churches and WND events.


Where will your World Next Door fellowship take you?

Each year-long fellow is responsible for raising half of the cost of the fellowship program (travel expenses, administrative expenses and salary). Salary levels will be determined by each fellow based on their specific financial needs. All funds must be raised before the year-long fellow can begin his/her program.

Effective fundraising training will be provided, and the WND staff will walk alongside each fellow as he/she works to raise the necessary funds.

Who We’re Looking For

We are looking for passionate, creative world-changers to join our team of year-long fellows.  Journalism training is not a requirement, but a strong gift for writing definitely is.

Here are the requirements for our fellowship program:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Very gifted in writing
  • At least one month of solo, cross-cultural immersion (local or international)
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Strong interpersonal/conflict resolution skills
  • Self-disciplined/Self-motivated
  • Independent
  • A growing spiritual walk with Jesus
  • Must possess a strong passion for the following:
    • Social justice issues (AIDS, hunger, poverty, homelessness, etc.)
    • The engagement of suburban Americans in social justice
    • Global cultures
    • The kingdom of God

How to Apply

UPDATE: Due to upcoming changes to the ministry of World Next Door, we are not currently accepting applications for year-long journalism fellows. To read more about these changes, please click here.


If you have any questions about our year-long fellowship program or would like more information, please email