To our knowledge, World Next Door: In Motion is the first ever online social justice travel show! Our hope, through this series, is to ignite a passion and change in God’s Kingdom for social injustice issues around the world – taking viewers with us to unique places and diving into the heart of the issues with the people who are dedicated to seeing change in this world!

We hope this episode is the first of many this season to share with you, in a new way, the wonderful world next door that awaits us! Please let us know what you think below and help spread the word by sharing this pilot with your family and friends!

Pilot Episode: South Africa

With so many adults dying of HIV/AIDS, what is happening to their children? We headed to Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa to find the answer.

Take an inside look at the AIDS epicenter of the world to learn about what is happening to the children in the wake of HIV and the hope that shines through the people of this community at our partner organization, Lily of the Valley!

Next Steps
    • For more information on Lily of the Valley or ways to get involved with Loving South Africa, click here. All our stories and photos from our time this summer at Lily can be found here.
    • Want to learn more about the AIDS pandemic in Africa? Consider reading the book “28: Stories of AIDS in Africa” .
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    Next Steps