With more than 1.1 billion inhabitants, India is quickly becoming a global economic front-runner.  And yet, a vast number of Indians still live under the thumb of a 3000 year old system of injustice: the caste system.

Although it is now technically illegal to discriminate on the basis of caste, the oppression of India’s lower caste people continues unabated across the country.  Hungry subsistence farmers are forced to obey the whims of corrupt landlords.  Untouchables in rural areas are still forced to do filthy and humiliating jobs.

India’s lower castes are crying out for justice.

Thankfully, there are a handful of Christ-followers dedicated to bringing the kingdom of God to the lower castes of India.  They are standard bearers of equality in a place marked by division.  Ending the caste system is an audacious goal, but they truly believe it is possible…

Winter 2012

A wonderful story of unconditional love Stephen found at Sewa Ashram.

From January to March of 2012, Stephen Crane journeyed through the sights, sounds and smells of India – from the southeastern coast up to New Delhi in the north – spending time with two remarkable organizations.

Stephen’s time with India Rural Evangelical Fellowship (IREF) was armed with a message of equality, love and hope. Despite a bout with Delhi belly, he was able to see how IREF is seeking to break the cycle of poverty and elevating those considered low by earthly standards. Click here to read articles from IREF!

Sewa Ashram exists to serve the destitute and dying – going to some of the darkest, dirtiest places on Earth. Some of these stories are hard to read, but are certainly are a moving testament to the amazing things the Lord is doing all around this country. Click here to read all the articles from Sewa Ashram!

In November of 2009, Barry returned to New Delhi to reconnect with his friends at Truthseekers International.

One of the many fascinating people Barry met in India.

During his two and a half week stay, Barry had the chance to dive even deeper into the work of TSI and the issues they are fighting to change.  Caste, discrimination, poverty… Nothing, it seems, is too big of a problem for Truthseekers to take on!

As part of the experience, Barry spent 24 hours in an impoverished part of New Delhi, visited a school for gypsy children and even spent the night in a village outside of Lucknow.  It was a powerful time, and the stories he heard were deeply moving.

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Summer 2008

Some of the beautiful children Barry met in New Delhi.

From July-September of 2008, Barry lived in New Delhi India.  While he was there he worked with Truthseekers International, an incredible organization dedicated to ending the caste system.

Because it was the first trip for World Next Door, Barry had his eyes opened in some big ways.  He spent his time attending rallies, visiting schools for lower-caste children and meeting tuberculosis patients in a center for the dying and destitute.

It was a powerful experience and the start of something new…

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