Vast unemployment. Millions hungry. Refugee camps everywhere. Haiti is a country in crisis, and has been for generations.  But all is not hopeless in Haiti.  There are some who are dedicated to bringing life, healing and hope to this devastated country.

Through four trips to Haiti, we at World Next Door have dedicated ourselves to telling their stories.  To giving you practical ways to get (and stay!) involved.

Pull up a chair, begin to read and let us take you to a place of unexpected hope…

One of the beautiful children being given an education through Nehemiah Vision Ministries!

In April of 2011, Barry headed back to the village of Chambrun, Haiti with a specific mission in mind: to tell the world about Nehemiah Vision Ministries’ incredible child-sponsorship program.

These kids, living in one of the most impoverished places on earth, face daily struggles to survive and to thrive.  Malnutrition, disease and a lack of an education have been par for the course for decades.

That is, until NVM put down roots.

Today, hundreds of children are receiving a quality education, they head home with full bellies and their medical needs are being taken care of by a full-time clinic. All because a few normal people decided that they could chip in and sponsor a child.

There is a future for the children of Chambrun…


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Is there hope for Haiti?

The Dazma family, Barry's hosts during his stay.

In September of 2010, Barry returned to Haiti to see what life is really like for the country’s refugees now that the international media has largely moved on.

To get a better understanding of the reality on the ground, he lived in an IDP camp with a family of Haitian refugees.  Sleeping in a leaky tent with eight other people, cramming into public transportation to get around, and wandering through the streets of ruined Port-au-Prince… It was an eye opening experience.

Nine months after the devastating earthquake rocked the country, things have barely improved.  And yet there are glimmers of hope through the work of one incredible ministry.

There is hope for Haiti, and you can discover it right now.


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On January 12, 2010, Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake which left hundreds of thousands dead and millions without homes.  In the midst of such incredible hardship, our partner organization in Port-au-Prince, Nehemiah Vision Ministries, stepped up to meet the need.

Haiti's presidential palace, now in ruins.

Two weeks after the earthquake, Barry returned to Haiti to write about the work of NVM and to discover just what life was like for the millions of displaced Haitians relying completely on foreign aid to survive.

Through medical teams, food distributions and other aid, NVM has begun the process of restoring their country… one person at a time.

It will be a long journey, but there is hope!


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Several months before the earthquake, Barry and Curtis visited Port-au-Prince to see if an organization called Nehemiah Vision Ministries would be a good partner for World Next Door. Little did they know that NVM would end up playing a crucial role in WND’s coverage of Haiti’s post-earthquake recovery.

One of the beautiful kids at NVM's children's home in Chambrun.

After visiting the impoverished village of Chambrun, Barry and Curtis were blown away by the incredible work being done by NVM.  In the midst of unspeakable hardship, seedlings of life and the kingdom of God were springing up everywhere they looked.

One evening, Barry spent the night at NVM’s children’s home in Chambrun.  His experience was an eye opening, heart-breaking yet filled with hope.

Together with the other things he and Curtis saw, they left with a strong conviction that God was working in Haiti.  Looking back now, it’s clear that God was raising up NVM for just such a time as this…


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