World Next Door, Inc. is no longer in operation. We are not accepting any further donations. Thank you for your understanding!



Important Information About Directed Giving

All donations to World Next Door are tax deductible. However, for a donor to receive the benefit of a tax deduction, the IRS requires there to be a clear transfer of “control and discretion” of the funds to World Next Door. U.S. laws and regulations prevent any 501(c)3 organization from giving up this control and discretion.

What this means is that we cannot accept funds “ear-marked” for a specific person or ministry, but must consider any directions from our donors (such as gifts directed to a WND partner ministry or summer intern) as recommendations only.

With that in mind, we will do everything in our power to direct your donation appropriately. If for any reason your recommendation for the use of these funds cannot be fulfilled, we will contact you to discuss alternative recommendations.

Donate Online

For your convenience, we accept online donations via Paypal. Please note that an online contribution costs World Next Door 2-3% in service fees. Mailing checks or giving via your online bank (see above) is the best way to get us 100% of your donation.

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For questions or more information, please email us at Thank you for your generosity!