The Center for Global Impact (CGI) is a faith-based, relief and development organization designed to creatively connect financial and human resources with social and humanitarian projects around the world.

While the Center works with projects in many countries across the world, WND spent time highlighting their projects in Cambodia.

They are committed to helping people in the West understand the reality, complexity and ramifications of poverty in the developing world.  And then create opportunities for involvement based upon their unique gifts, skills, interests, and networks.

The Center for Global Impact is committed to helping YOU . . .

  • understand the reality and complexity of poverty, disease, and injustice,
  • identify specific areas where you can use your unique gifts, professional skills, and interests to change lives,
  • strategically connect with a trusted network of international partners,
  • make a real and meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families half a world away.
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Get Involved

Give – Consider including the Center for Global Impact as a part of your regular charitable giving. A regular gift of any amount will go a long way in helping to initiate and fully develop the incredible potential of this new initiative. Online donations can be made here.

In-Kind Donations – Did you know that 91% of the world’s wealth is tied up in “stuff”? Walk through the process of giving creatively (selling antiques, time-shares, cell phones, etc.) through iDonate.

Shop – Check out the Global Gift Catalog, an easy way to show support for a certain area and know specifically the impact you are making in someone’s life. You can also help by buying items made byTavi.

Sponsor a Project – The Center is continually working with international partners to creatively address the needs of those most directly affected by poverty, disease, and injustice. Click here to if you would like to give to one of their projects!

Travel – CGI trips are unique in that there is an intentional expectation of a longer-term commitment and a strategic plan to make a difference. Throughout the preparation and participation phases of the trip The Center leads each participant in the development of a post-trip personal impact plan.  Learn more about CGI trips here.

Culinary Training Center

The Culinary Training Center (CTC) is a project of CGI and plays a significant role in establishing a successful strategy for developing future employment opportunities for orphans, at-risk, and formerly trafficked women. Take a quick video tour of the new Green Mango Cafe & Bakery in Cambodia!


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