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Video: Romaniv – A Day in the Life

Posted Dec 03 in Videos by 3 Comments

A glimpse into everyday life for the boys at Romaniv Orphanage…

Video: Tanya’s Story

Posted Nov 27 in Videos by 3 Comments

Meet a young woman whose changed life is now changing others…

Video: Luda’s Story

Posted Nov 17 in Videos by 3 Comments

Thanks to MTU, one young woman’s life will never be the same.

Video: The Romaniv Boys Hit the Town!

Posted Nov 12 in Videos by 7 Comments

For the boys of Romaniv Orphanage, visiting an aquarium and shopping mall was quite the adventure!

Video: Galena’s Story

Posted Nov 02 in Videos by 9 Comments

If this doesn’t give you a glimmer of hope for today, nothing will!

Sermon: Systems of Injustice

Posted Oct 17 in Videos by 2 Comments

Check out the video of my recent sermon at Grace Community Church on systemic injustice!

Video: Unshaken

Posted Sep 18 in Videos by No Comments

What will happen to a small church in a slum when the government comes with bulldozers?

World Next Door: In Motion

Posted Jul 27 in News, Videos by 1 Comment

Introducing World Next Door: In Motion! Take an inside look at the AIDS epicenter of the world to learn about what is happening in the wake of HIV & the hope that is shining through!

Oil and Water

Posted Jun 15 in Articles, Videos by 6 Comments

Before arriving, I had an image of how cultures would blend in South Africa. That image was dead wrong.

Video: Meet Our Interns!

Posted May 18 in Videos by 4 Comments

Join us as we head off to South Africa for the summer…