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From the Magazine: Yei’s Central Market

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The central market of Yei is full of fresh bananas, friendly people and lots of delicious produce. Take a look!

First Shot

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Hear the story behind the very first quality photo I ever took.

Photo Gallery: New and Improved!

Posted May 16 in Photos by 23 Comments

Check out some new design elements in the latest issue of WND Magazine!

Photo Gallery: Where the Food Goes …

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Where do all those donations go?

Photo Gallery: An “Average” Day

Posted Nov 26 in Photos by 1 Comment

Wow, is there anything they DON’T do?

Photo Gallery: Folded Hands

Posted Nov 09 in Photos by 2 Comments

I was dumbfounded. Flabbergasted. Astounded. These aren’t the boys I remember!

Photo Gallery: The HIV Positive Experience

Posted Oct 05 in Photos by 3 Comments

What if there were a Holocaust museum during the Holocaust?

Photo Gallery: More Than a Fashion Statement

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Do you know how your purse was made? See how stylish handbags are changing lives!

Photo Gallery: The Khmer Rouge Genocide

Posted Sep 04 in Photos by 2 Comments

Journey through Cambodia’s past and the healing of its present as this resilient nation continues in its hopes for a future of peace, equality and justice.

Photo Gallery: History Makers

Posted Aug 13 in Photos by 2 Comments

Check out the History Makers as they truly are making history