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Yak Facts

Posted Dec 20 in Culture Guides by 1 Comment

A snack-pack stack of yak facts

Culture Guide: Be Wise. Don’t Sanitize.

Posted Oct 28 in Culture Guides by 1 Comment

The unintended consequences of our germaphobic paranoia

Culture Guide: Baggage Regret

Posted Sep 11 in Culture Guides by No Comments

Four easy ways to avoid getting crushed

The Art of the Flying Bear-Mouse

Posted Nov 14 in Culture Guides by 8 Comments

Tips and tricks for YOUR next Ukrainian balloon-animal party.

Culture Guide: I Came, I Stalled, I Conquered

Posted Aug 06 in Culture Guides by 3 Comments

I knew my time here on planet Earth could be drawing to a close. This was how I was going to go…by a little red car.

Culture Guide: Party Like a Zulu

Posted Jul 19 in Culture Guides by No Comments

See what it looks like to celebrate life in the Zulu culture…

Culture Guide: How to Conquer a Bushfire

Posted Jul 03 in Culture Guides by 7 Comments

There’s something especially rewarding about beating a fire with a club…

Culture Guide: Wet, Powdered and Happy!

Posted Jun 13 in Culture Guides by 2 Comments

A single, Western female’s guide to surviving Khmer New Year.

Culture Guide: Kakik

Posted Jun 05 in Culture Guides by No Comments

What trip would be complete without a little local cuisine? Join Laura as she learns to make a traditional Guatemalan soup with some of the Potter’s House Treasures!

Culture Guide: Chicken Bus

Posted May 31 in Culture Guides by 4 Comments

Want to know where school buses go after they retire? Check out my guide on what you need to know about the Guatemalan chicken bus!