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No Going Back

Posted Jun 17 in Articles by 4 Comments

How a terrible two week missions trip to Guatemala turned into a passionate life-long calling

Why I Go

Posted Jun 13 in Articles by No Comments

Long before I began living in slums, sleeping in refugee camps, and eating tarantula and goat brains, I was a picky-eating, comfort-loving, video-game-playing suburban kid. And I was miserable.

The Most Unreached People Group… is in YOUR church

Posted Jun 04 in Articles, Travel Journals by 3 Comments

In every city, in every continent, in every church, and on no-one’s mind…


Posted Jun 02 in Articles by 3 Comments

How a man with nothing to be thankful for taught me the true meaning of gratitude


Posted May 22 in Articles by 1 Comment

How one remarkable student may not actually be so unique!

Uncovering Goodness

Posted Feb 24 in Articles by 1 Comment

A story of faith and hope in the midst of the Portland sex industry.

From the Magazine: The Sapling

Posted Oct 29 in Articles by No Comments

Mud puddles, cattle rustlers, and a country on the brink of change

All by Myself

Posted Sep 19 in Articles by No Comments

Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of every WND employee in another country and me, the lonely graphic designer, alone at the office.

The Light Box

Posted May 31 in Articles by 1 Comment

Awesome quality, minimal cost? Sounds like a World Next Door project to me.

The First Photo

Posted Mar 12 in Articles by 2 Comments

A single snapshot… and the birth of World Next Door.