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Occupational Therapy Rocks!

Posted Nov 26 in Articles by 1 Comment

What defines you?

Dr. Bashek

Posted Nov 20 in Articles by 4 Comments

My plans are never as good as the ones God leads me into.

The Love of Strangers

Posted Oct 25 in Articles by 4 Comments

To be certain, all hope is not lost.

Looking Ahead

Posted Aug 18 in Articles by 5 Comments

Some major changes are in store for World Next Door. Here’s what’s on the horizon.

A God Thing

Posted Jul 31 in Articles by No Comments

The story Pastor Pierre and the founding of NVM in Haiti

Standing By

Posted Jul 25 in Articles by 2 Comments

Sometimes, staying on the sidelines is exactly the right thing to do.

Goodbye Peter

Posted Jul 03 in Articles, News by 2 Comments

A dear soul has departed to be with Jesus. His life was a powerful story of the kingdom of God.

Why don’t I cry?

Posted Jul 01 in Articles by 4 Comments

Walking through Kibera Slum is sensory overload. Why didn’t it make me want to break down and weep?

Jesus in the Slums

Posted Jun 26 in Articles by 2 Comments

It’s hard to love both comfort and Jesus at the same time.

Stripped of Innocence

Posted Jun 23 in Articles by 10 Comments

How friendships on the streets of Nairobi are overcoming the power of gangs and drugs