Cambodia was once strong. Hundreds of years ago, while Europe was wallowing in the dark ages, the Khmer Empire was flourishing all across Southeast Asia.

But their empire was not to last. Foreign rulers, non-stop war and an endless string of atrocities (including the horrific reign of the Khmer Rouge in the wake of the Vietnam War) have left the Cambodian people on a very long path to recovery.

With poverty rampant, the country is quickly becoming the epicenter of a new kind of oppression: human trafficking.  Many young girls are sold for sex every single day, and few are doing anything to stop it.

But there are some.  These brave organizations are fearlessly charging into the darkness, facing this injustice head on and rescuing girls from slavery.

Cambodia has a long way to go, but there is hope that these beautiful people can one day live free again.

There is hope for the girls of Cambodia!

In December of 2010 Barry spent four weeks in Phnom Penh, learning about the horrors of sex trafficking and the hope that still exists there.  The Center for Global Impact and Rapha House were two fantastic organizations that Barry wrote about during his stay.

Although faced with many heart-breaking realities, he was consistently filled with hope as he encountered pockets of the kingdom of God throughout the country; small communities of peace where girls are given life, dignity and love.

It will be a long time before true justice is available to the poorest of Cambodia’s women, but thanks to the organizations he spent time with, that day is closer than ever before…

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Former WND intern, Jocelyn Post, spent the summer as an intern with the Center for Global Impact in Cambodia from February to August 2012. In addition to writing and taking pictures for CGI’s blogs, newsletters and promotional materials, Jocelyn wrote as a freelance photojournalist for WND.

From living with teenage girls “at-risk of or affected by” human trafficking to surviving the Khmer New Year, she explored the Kingdom of Wonder and found that everyone has a story that can change the world…

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