some_textCafé Justo is a coffee grower cooperative based in Salvador Urbina, Chiapas, Mexico – a ministry of Frontero de Cristo. They market a pure, organic coffee which is grown, harvested and marketed in the spirit of justice.

Their goal is to employ members of the community in the agricultural, production and management/administrative roles to create sustainable, local business. This provides incentives for people to remain in their family lands.

Café Justo’s mission is to deliver the highest quality, organic, environmentally conscious, fresh roasted coffee to customers at a price that is fair and just.

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Get Involved

  • The easiest way to make a difference is to simply order coffee! Coffee is sold (see below) in half pound, 1 pound and 5 pound bags.
  • Serve coffee in your church, office or school. Many volunteers around the country take orders in bulk to change daily drinking habits in the name of social justice. Check out the special pricing for bulk orders.
  • Encourage friends, family and congregations to get involved.
  • Looking for a more hands-on experience? Visit Café Justo in Agua Prieta or join their yearly trip to Chiapas in November.  This fall, they will be hosting 10 year celebrations in Phoenix, Agua Prieta and Chiapas. Contact to arrange a visit.

If you would like to organize distribution of their coffee, check out some suggested ways to get started.

Order Coffee

You got the scoop on where the coffee comes from and how everything is done in the spirit of justice – so here is where you can check out the types and prices of the coffee!

100% Pure Arabica – Rainforest Green Label ($10/lb*)

The original Café Justo – naturally sweet, light, and simple with NO acid or bitterness, even on an empty stomach. It tastes like good fresh ground coffee smells!

50% Arabica / 50% Robusta – Beautiful Blue Label ($10/lb*)

Greet dawn with a kick. Our light Arabica bean mingles evenly with the stronger-flavored Robusta for a deep & rich-tasting, energizing morning cup.

100% Pure Robusta – Rosy Red Label ($10/lb*)

This is high-octane coffee. The strongest flavors, the maximum caffeine.

100% Arabica Decaf – Sunny Orange Label ($10/lb*)

Flavored by nature, decaffeinated in beautiful Veracruz. Sip this satisfying cup after dinner with friends.

50% Arabica Decaf / 50% Arabica – Supreme Aubergine Label (10/lb*)

Even coffee roasters sometimes need to cut back. Just the right blend of Original and Decaffeinated.

100% Pure Marago – Chocolate Brown Label ($15/lb*)

Our premium coffee delivers a deep, rich, chocolaty taste. These larger beans maintain the sweetness of our Chiapas-grown beans, while adding body and character.

Want to compare Café Justo coffee to the store brand? View a complete chart listing the differences.

*Suggested retail price
**Once a payment is processed, estimated delivery is 3 to 7 days
***Estimated shipping costs are $10


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