Before each trip, we research and build relationships with organizations and ministries who are already doing great work on the ground. This process allows our writers to “embed” with the local community and spend time living among them – learning, listing and observing.

Our partners are making a difference in lives all around the world – and YOU can join them!

By partnering with indigenous organizations, we are able to bring stories of social justices to you (through our articles, photos and videos), and our partner organizations continue their great work in the community after we return home.

Our hope? That our readers connect with these organizations and find ways they can personally get involved.

Check out each of our partner pages below for information on ways you can get involved.

Whether you are looking to volunteer abroad, find a full-time position or just want to stay connected with the work they are doing, you’re in the right place!

And if you know of an organization doing great work who would be a good fit for WND to consider partnering with in the future, send us an email with information!


The Center for Global Impact



Sanctuary (Toronto)

ROOTS (Penelakut Island, Vancouver)


Potter’s House


Nehemiah Vision Ministries


India Rural Evangelical Fellowship

Sewa Ashram

Truthseekers International

Israel/West Bank



Global Hope Network


Beacon of Hope                                          Tumaini Church

Karura Community Chapel                         Tumaini Clinics

Tanari Trust                                                 Zana Africa


Cafe Justo

Frontera de Cristo


Dead Wheat International



South Africa

Loving South Africa


Mission to Ukraine

Last Bell Ministries

United States

Mustard Seed Development (Oklahoma City)              Safe Families

Shepherd Community Center (Indianapolis)                The Relief Bus (New York City)