- With a sixth of humanity living on less than a dollar a day, poverty is an issue that is so huge it's hard to wrap your head around. It's easy to just give up and tune out. But for some, the alleviation of poverty is more than an ideal. It's their life's mission. These people give us hope that the end of poverty is possible.

Human Trafficking

- One of the most ugly and difficult injustices in the world today is Human Trafficking. Human beings are trapped in servitude to others, often being forced into prostitution against their will. It's modern day slavery. Thankfully there are some who have dedicated their lives to bringing justice for the slaves of our modern world.


- It's hard to image what life would be like without the ability to read, to do basic math, to understand simple history...but in many places around the world, education is a rare and valuable commodity. It is in those places where the educators are changing the world.


- In America, a land of wheelchair-accessible buildings and special-education programs, it's sometimes easy to forget that many disabled people around the world are treated as less than human. However, even in such tragic circumstances, some people are spreading love and compassion.


- Parents play an integral role in the upbringing of a child. That is why it is so tragic to hear about the plight of orphans worldwide, especially those living in squalid conditions or with mental disabilities. But even in the midst of such darkness, there are a few gentle souls committed to spreading love into the lives of the fatherless.


- What would life be like without enough food to eat? Sadly, billions of people around the world already know the answer to that question. And while massive international aid agencies are making a difference, it is the compassionate few who have dedicated their lives to combating hunger from the ground up.


- In many of the world's great cities, informal settlements (a.k.a. "slums") are home to millions of impoverished people. Abusive landlords, violence and disease are normal parts of life to them. But there are some that have decided to approach this injustice head on...to provide holistic care in a place that truly needs it.


- Although in the U.S. it's a hot-button political issue, in many countries of the world, nobody is fighting for the rights of mothers or of unborn babies. Which is why, in these countries, it's exciting to meet people who deeply love them both.


- Most people have a mental image associated with the homeless. We often tend to think of them as nameless beggars and addicts, but the homeless are real people with real stories, and there are those who love them despite the stigmas...

Caste System

- In India, a country renowned for its beauty and deep spirituality, there is a 3000 year old system of oppression that looms like a shadow over the lives of the poor and marginalized. Those who fight against it are hated, ostracized and outcast, but that doesn't stop them from continuing to spread hope!


- One of the saddest things about globalization is the loss of native cultures. As Western movies, music and clothing styles become the norm, local traditions, entertainment and rites of passage are being slowly extinguished. That is why some strive to re-engage with traditional cultures and to remind young people of their roots.


- In the midst of poverty, one of the first things to go is healthcare. For billions of people in the world, access to even basic medical care is nothing more than a dream. But they need not suffer alone. There are doctors, nurses, pharmacists and physical therapists on the front lines, offering the care they so desperately need.


- With no access to clean drinking water, many communities are ravaged by water-borne illnesses. Without simple irrigation techniques, farmers come up empty at harvest time. Thankfully, there are organizations that have dedicated themselves to bringing clean, plentiful water to these communities.


- With endless debates about wind farms, coal and electric cars, it's easy to forget about the impact pollution has on the poor and marginalized of the world. But there are some who have dedicated their lives to bring these communities clean air once again.


- As Americans, one of the biggest hot-button issues in politics today is immigration. But in the midst of all the rhetoric are the immigrants themselves. People struggling with poverty, hunger and a lack of healthcare. Thankfully there are a few organizations dedicated to bringing them hope.


- In many developing nations, vast deforestation has had devastating effects on agriculture, water supplies and even health. Although they have a long and difficult road ahead of them, some organizations are on the ground attempting to bring back sustainable forests.