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The End of World Next Door

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All the details you need to know about the end of World Next Door

Songs of Forgiveness

Posted May 13 in Travel Journals by 2 Comments

As he matured, his passion for peace and reconciliation within his country grew, and he began to communicate that in his songs…


Posted May 04 in Travel Journals by 2 Comments

I truly saw their hearts shine through – their desire for justice, reconciliation, and peace

Being Transformed to Transform

Posted May 02 in Travel Journals by 1 Comment

Dreams can change the course of a country’s destiny…

Comfort to Journey’s End

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The Congolese lawyers spoke honestly and candidly about the absolute tenacity with which they must stand against a country steeped in corruption…

Nepal, You Have My Heart

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We stand with you in your suffering and pray with you as you continue forward into the difficult days ahead.

Darkness Covers but Light Surrounds

Posted Apr 22 in Travel Journals by 4 Comments

We are often afraid of what is unknown…

Will You Wash Their Feet?

Posted Apr 12 in Travel Journals by 1 Comment

In a culture where there is clear hierarchy – and you don’t cross those lines – foot washing is radical.

How Can I Keep From Singing?

Posted Apr 10 in Travel Journals by 2 Comments

Music is like a balm for a weary, wounded soul. Music has a way of wrapping my heart in a tender embrace, soothing me, quieting me, and reminding me that all is well.

May 9 Global Leadership Seminar

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Join us for a one-of-a-kind event and meet leaders from 6 of our international partner ministries!