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Grab your calendars and mark off May 9, 2015. I’m serious. You don’t want to miss this chance to actually meet many of the incredible people you’ve been reading about here for the last six years.

On Saturday, May 9, World Next Door will be hosting a one-of-a-kind event that in many ways encapsulates everything our organization is about. We will be flying in leaders from several of our national and international partner ministries to teach us about their perspective on what God is doing in their part of the world. Our list of participants includes:

  • Ira Venglovska from Mission to Ukraine
  • Fred Faradays from Tumaini Church in Kenya
  • Pranjal Torde from Truthseekers International in India
  • Rudi Pineda from Saber y Gracia in Guatemala,
  • Josiah Haken from New York City Relief
  • Esperandieu Pierre from Nehemiah Vision Ministries in Haiti (tentative)

We’ll begin our day with (1) a seminar in which these leaders will teach us, be interviewed, and share. It’s going to be a fascinating and eye-opening look into what God is doing on the front lines of his kingdom.

In the middle of the day we’ll have (2) an open house for World Next Door donors, prayer team members, and volunteers to spend time face to face with these awesome people.

Finally, we’ll end the day with (3) a worship gathering where we will sing and pray for these ministries, asking God to bless their work as they pursue justice for the poor and marginalized around the world.

Lots more details are coming soon. I just wanted you to know right now so you can mark your calendar today. MAY 9, 2015!!!

Stay tuned!

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