How much do you know about Cuba? I mean, really know. Beyond Che and banned cigar imports and mojitos. Do you really know much about our neighbor to the south? Chances are, the answer is “no.” If you’re at all like me, there are probably a few pretty massive holes in your knowledge about this island nation.

But don’t worry, because WND is here to clear things up for you! In our latest issue of World Next Door Magazine, we go straight to the heart of Cuban culture and discover that the island is full of far more than baseballs and old cars. Our writers Jeff and Brooke recently spent significant time exploring the work of EchoCuba, an organization dedicated to freedom of worship in the highly restrictive nation, and what they found is astounding.

They also captured some fascinating and breathtaking glimpses into everyday life for the people of Cuba. Their photography is incredible. Combined with the new magazine design by our Graphic Designer, Tara, and you’ve got the makings of a pretty phenomenal issue.

Want a taste? Take a look at these images below. Then download World Next Door Magazine for free in your app store and get the latest issue today! Or, if you don’t have a tablet or smartphone, you can read our articles on our website by clicking here.

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