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*Cover photo from blog.hagephoto.com

Tara, Brad, and I did not get to travel to Nepal with Jeff and Brooke. Which, after seeing their incredible photography in the latest issue of World Next Door Magazine, made us quite jealous.

Just one of the photos in the December issue of our magazine. I mean, have you SEEN this issue yet? It's seriously jaw-dropping. -PHOTO BY JEFF HARTMAN

Just one of the photos in the December issue of our magazine. I mean, have you seen this issue yet? It’s seriously jaw-dropping. -Photo by Jeff Hartman

Nonetheless, in the process of editing and designing the Nepal issue, we stumbled across some pretty awesome facts about everybody’s favorite Himalayan pack animal… the yak! Enjoy.

  • Yak Sack: Yak fur is naturally odor resistant and is used for everything from tents to rope to blankets to sacks! There’s nothing cozier than snuggling up with grandma’s yak quilt.
  • Yak Hack: Nepali yaks can climb as high as 20,000 feet. They have unusually large lungs to allow them to absorb more oxygen. The saddest sound in the world is the cough of an asthmatic yak.
  • Yak Knack: Yaks are great at carrying stuff. They can take up to 220 pounds of gear over dangerous snow-covered paths.
  • Yak Snack: Yaks can’t sweat. They suffer from heat exhaustion above 59°F! That’s why they love popsicles so much.
  • Yak Quack: In remote mountain regions of Nepal, people use fresh yak blood as medicine.
  • Yak Plaque: Yaks can graze using their tongues, like cows, or by using their teeth, like sheep.
  • Yak Crack: Yak manure has little to no detectable odor.
  • Yak Stack: Yaks can be stacked on top of each other up to 200 feet high. Of course, this has never been tried, and probably isn’t true, but wow. How cool would that be?

So there you go. Awesome facts about yaks (and all true except for that last one!). You know what else is awesome? The Nepal issue of World Next Door Magazine! Download it for free in your app store or click the image below to see the basic website version. Don’t miss it!

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