Whether you are planning to hop on a moto and ride to a remote village, or just want to save on airline luggage fees, the weight of your luggage the space it takes up are you greatest concern. Here a few commonly-overlooked ways to simplify the packing list for your next great adventure.


There’s nothing wrong with bringing a good book for a long plane ride, or even two. But I’ve discovered that I never have as much down time as I think will, and books are the surest way to take up space and weight in your luggage.


I follow the 5-4-3-2-1 rule: five shirts, four sets of underwear, three pairs of pants, two pairs of shorts, one set of nice clothes. That’s it! My instinct is always to pack more “just in case”, but my instinct is wrong. And if there is a real emergency, I can always buy more. Chances are, local clothes are both cheaper and better suited to the environment.



I like to travel with a few of my favorite shows or movies for those lazy evening after a hard week or the occasional movie night with my hosts. But stacks of DVDs are bulky, fragile, and generally a pain. Simplest solution is to store them on a USB drive or directly on your computer.


But nothing gets in the way of being present in a new place like thinking constantly about an old one. It’s easy to be weighed down by things going on back home, by relationships or employment or any number of anxieties. Give yourself the freedom to leave these at home and open yourself up to what God is trying to teach you. He’s the one that brought you on this trip – there’s probably a good reason for it. It might even be the solution to what you’ve been worrying about all along!

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About the Author: Brad Miller is a year-long fellow with WND. A student of Psychology, Biology, and Theatre, he's worked as an actor, teacher, balloon artist and last-minute fill-in guy for any number of projects. He loves camping and tinkering with broken and discarded things. Brad's passion in life is to unleash the potential in others.

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