Writing about the work going on at Shepherd, I think I’ve used the phrase “fresh food” more times in the past week than in my entire life.

I knew that fresh food was more nutritious, and that many families in the near-east side of Indy had very little access to it leading to a host of problems. Heart disease is one of the biggest killers in this neighborhood.

I knew Shepherd was making incredible strides to get fresh food out to the children, parents and struggling individuals throughout the community.

But there was one thing I had forgotten about fresh food: it only stays fresh for so long. Within days, it can be spoiled.

That means Shepherd is on the clock for every fresh donation. Working tirelessly behind the scenes is an incredible network of staff, volunteers, trucks, storerooms, cooks and organizers that move hundreds of pounds of fresh produce each week.

This intricate flow can change week to week and season to season, but I got to follow along for one week and see the entire process play out. So follow along and see just where the food goes…

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Next Steps
    • Want to find out more about Shepherd? Check out our partner page or visit their website.
    • It all starts with donations, if you, your family, or your small group would like to make a donation to Shepherd, click here.
    Next Steps

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