As a boy, I’d read books about missionaries in jungles and exotic places. In church, I’d hear sermons about the apostles and the early church, about a lifestyle of sacrificial love and a community united by purpose.

These stories would always include how powerfully God moved in such communities, how he would enable people to do great things and transform many lives. As a little boy, I would smile and imagine such a place. In church, the congregation would sigh and hope that, one day, the church could be like that again.

These stories of faith and love have an air of legend to them, something great that once was but isn’t anymore. Something that we hope to see one day.

Mothers cared for, children rescued. Sounds like heaven to me!

Imagine my surprise to discover that it’s here, right now.

This community exists. These people exist. In Zyhtomyr, Ukraine I found people who have based their lives around loving others. The people of Mission to Ukraine all have different backgrounds and different stories, but they have one thing in common, their love of Christ and all his children.

These people are sacrificing their time and talents and resources to rescue the lost and discarded, the disabled and unwanted.

And just like in legend, the world is changing. In a country with endemic abortion, hundreds of children have been saved. In a place where the disabled are ignored or hidden, the best care is being freely given and healing is happening.

Men who couldn’t speak are talking, children who couldn’t walk are walking, families filled with loneliness and despair are now part of a community and full of hope.

World-changing faith is no longer just a legend to me, it’s something alive and something I can be a part of. So take a look, be encouraged, be inspired, and be ready to be called into a legendary journey of your own.


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About the Author: Brad Miller is a year-long fellow with WND. A student of Psychology, Biology, and Theatre, he's worked as an actor, teacher, balloon artist and last-minute fill-in guy for any number of projects. He loves camping and tinkering with broken and discarded things. Brad's passion in life is to unleash the potential in others.

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  1. JimM said... 


    December 11th, 2012 at 9:00 pm  

    “World changing faith…, take a look…, be encouraged…, be ready to be called into a journey of your own…” Wow.

    You’ve done a beautiful job these last few weeks painting a word portrait of His people selflessly bringing Light and Love where none was.

    Praise God with, and for your gift.

  2. Tetiana said... 


    December 14th, 2012 at 5:12 am  

    Thank you, Brad. Thank you for your gifts and talents used for our Lord’s glory! Your stories inspire us for our daily ministry and encourage to seek God’s will for it even more :)

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