[Jocelyn is an intern with the Center for Global Impact—World Next Door’s partner organization in Cambodia.
In addition to writing and taking pictures for
CGI’s blogs, newsletters and promotional materials,
Jocelyn is a freelance photojournalist for WND.]

Before moving to Cambodia, human trafficking was a social justice issue I had heard about at home and felt compelled to do something about. But after living amongst the unjust realities facing too many teenage girls and women in Southeast Asia for the last seven months, I feel like I’m only beginning to get a handle on the complexities of the issue.

The future of a free Cambodia!

Impoverished desperation. Generational abuse. Misinformed rights. Further complicated by governmental corruption, social mores and relative normalcy.

Sometimes it feels like things are never going to change.

Yet, through the assistance of organizations like the Center for Global Impact, the poor and vulnerable are receiving opportunities to transform not only their realities but also the realities of their families, their communities and even their country.

Whether they’re cooking, sewing or simply choosing a better way of life, the girls and women participating in CGI’s various vocational training initiatives are actualizing the confidence, dignity and freedom it’s going to take to literally change their world. And I dare anything or anyone to try and stop them.

The Kingdom of Wonder

Cultural curiosities, spiritual speculations, mental marvels and emotional empathies—what did I get myself into now?

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Undeserved Fortune

I wonder at their love—God’s presence among us—and learn from it in humble acknowledgement of an experience that shouldn’t be mine.

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A Mutual Transformation

Everyone has a story that can change the world.

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Culture Guide: Wet, Powdered and Happy

A single, Western female’s guide to surviving Khmer New Year.

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Photo Gallery: The Khmer Rouge Genocide

Journey through Cambodia’s past and the healing of its present as this resilient nation continues in its hopes for a future of peace, equality and justice.

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The Unveiling

So I have this theory about exposure…

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Lost Innocence

I will always remember them in seasons of weakness when I consider letting go of what they find so valuable.

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Photo Gallery: More Than a Fashion Statement

Do you know how your purse was made? See how stylish handbags are changing lives!

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About the Author: Jocelyn is a freelance photojournalist with World Next Door. She studied Creative Writing and Missions at Concordia University Irvine. She enjoys reading, writing and traveling. She also likes butterflies.

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    September 14th, 2012 at 9:23 pm  

    Jocelyn…Bravo!! Great series of articles!! Thank you!!

    • Jocelyn said... 


      September 14th, 2012 at 11:10 pm  

      You’re welcome. 😀 Thanks for reading, Jim!

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