Two months in the Makaphutu Children’s Village is far too short a time to witness all the subtle and beautiful things happening, but far more time than I needed to feel at home. Nine house mothers, committed staff members and volunteers, and over forty children have built a family.

I’ve met and shared life with children from backgrounds of abandonment, abuse and the loss of parents due to AIDS. Outside of the walls of Makaphutu, a child in any of these situations faces an uncertain future.

Makaphutu children have the space to explore and live normal childhoods.

But here, they share life and love like a family.

It’s hard to believe so much hurt could ever be reconciled, but Makaphutu is a true space for children to experience the love and healing of Jesus through the hands of His humble servants.

A small community of powerful love exists here in the path of wreckage left by disease and injustice. Read and learn how Makaphutu staff does more than meet the basic needs of vulnerable children—they welcome them home.

Wasted Tears

Laura’s last WND assignment – and now she’s hesitant?

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Photo Gallery: Makaphutu at a Glance

Anyone get a child ready today? Imagine doing getting everything done…times 38!

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That’s Not Her Story

As powerful as her story is, you’ll be equally compelled by what her story is not

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Gettin’ Stuff Done

When the only thing certain is uncertainty, just how flexible are you?

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Culture Guide: Party Like a Zulu

See what it looks like to celebrate life in the Zulu culture…

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A Common Calling

See how “common gifts” are being used in radical ways…

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Too Broken for Human Compassion

This place is not only for raising children, but for healing them.

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