Well hello there!  How is it going?  Man… I just wrapped up a two-week vacation and I am fired up to be back in the saddle.

Now that the summer is over, the World Next Door team is strapping in for an exciting fall.  For starters, Kelly, our Communications Coordinator, is having a baby!  Who knows? Maybe he’ll be a World Next Door summer intern some day…

But that’s not all.  I’m getting the chance to do a lot more teaching.  In fact, I was asked to preach about systemic injustice at Grace Community Church on October 13 & 14.  You should come!

On top of that, we are excited to announce our next international “assignment.”  We’ll be heading back to Zhytomyr, Ukraine in mid-October to embed once more with WND’s very first partner, Mission to Ukraine!

However, one of the most exciting things happening around here right now is our new and improved year-long fellowship program.

Let me tell you a bit about it…

Our New Fellow!

The first (and probably coolest) update to our fellowship program is our brand new year-long fellow, Brad Miller!

You probably know Brad from the articles he wrote as one of our summer interns.  Brad has a uniquely insightful perspective on injustice and the kingdom of God and I am pumped to see what he discovers over the next 12 months.

Brad Miller, our newest year-long fellow, in South Africa with Jonathan, the principal of Lily of the Valley’s primary school.

At the moment, Brad is raising funds to make his fellowship possible.  He needs people willing to partner with him through monthly donations and prayer support.  If he is able to meet his financial goals soon, his fellowship will begin as early as the middle of September!

If you want to invest in him this year through finances or prayer, or even just want to get in touch with Brad, please send him an email and let him know.

A Few Major Updates

But apart from having a new fellow on our team, we’ve made a few tweaks, updates and changes to our fellowship program that I think are really cool (all of these updates can be found on www.worldnextdoor.org/fellowships).

First of all, our year-long fellows no longer need to be summer interns first!  We are now accepting applications on a rolling basis throughout the year.  If you know of any fantastic writers with solo travel experience who would be a great fit for our team, send them our way!

Second, we’ve restructured how our fellows’ international trips look.  The first one will be a trip in which they shadow a WND staff member. On the second, they will travel alone, but to a location/ministry that we have assigned.

Brad taking photos of a few kids in South Africa.

But on the third trip, the fellow will get to choose where they would like to go and which ministry they’d like to partner with.  What other program gives you the opportunity to go just about anywhere you want in the world???

Choosing a Track

The final major change to our fellowship program is the addition of “tracks.”  Now, our fellows can choose to focus on one of three specific tracks over the course of their year.

On the Creative Media Track, a fellow will work throughout the year to create a piece of special media.  This could be a video documentary, a photo book, a radio piece… the sky’s the limit!

On the Leadership Track, a fellow will get to brush shoulders with ministry leaders all across Indianapolis and receive training in effective leadership.  Then they will either lead a WND short term trip or co-lead the summer internship with me!

Finally, on the Teaching Track (which Brad has chosen), a fellow will be trained in sermon preparation, storytelling and public speaking.  Then, he/she will have the opportunity to teach at 3-4 different venues throughout the year.

A picture of a monkey in South Africa. Why am I posting it here?
No idea. I just thought it was hilarious. :)
Oh, I know! If you join our fellowship, you might see monkeys?

Having tracks adds a whole new layer of intensity to the fellowship, and I’m excited to see what comes of them!

Spreading the Word

So those are the major changes that have happened to the year-long fellowship program. I am pumped.

But just tweaking some things on a piece of paper is not enough.  I need your help to make sure that we’ve got the right people participating in our fellowship.

Would you be willing to help spread the word?  Send the Fellowship page to friends, family and co-workers.  Keep your eyes peeled for phenomenal writers and influencers.

You never know.  It might be your connection that leads to our next year-long fellow joining the team!

Thanks for reading, guys.  And stay tuned… I think it’s going to be another phenomenal fall!!!

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