A Simple Moment

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A few nights before leaving South Africa, our internship team had the opportunity to host a dinner for leaders and staff from each of our different host ministries for the summer.

We had a blast as we fed everybody burritos, told stories about the summer and screened the pilot episode of World Next Door In Motion (several “stars” of which were in the room!).

A Simple Moment

It was a great night, but it sticks in my memory because of a simple moment that represented all we had hoped to accomplish with this year’s summer internship.

Leaders from LSA’s partners at our goodbye dinner.

The moment came while our team shared a few words of thanks with our hosts.  All five of us got up and spoke about how much the summer had meant to each of us and a bit of what we had learned.

As I listened to everyone share, I was blown away at the simmering kingdom potential in that room.  Sitting in front of us were representatives from four ministries that are having a profound impact in the struggle against HIV/AIDS.  Together, Loving South Africa’s partners represent thousands of changed lives.

Our interns developed life-long friendships this summer.

On top of that was our team.  I looked at these up-and-coming leaders and imagined where they might be in five years.  Or ten.  It was thrilling to think about what had been unlocked and unleashed by a summer embedded with such amazing leaders.

This was it!  Young Americans getting exposure to the kingdom of God…  Amazing South African ministries being seen and heard through our articles and videos…  Two very different parts of the world growing just a little bit closer together.

If this internship wasn’t a success, I don’t know what is!

Only the Beginning

In the end, our dinner wrapped up and everyone went their separate ways.  My team cleaned up the dishes and started packing for our end-of-trip retreat.  The fourth annual World Next Door Internship was just about over.

However, even though we were saying “goodbye” to South Africa, I was confident our interns were only at the beginning of their journeys.  When they return home, they will take the first steps of a whole new season of their lives.

The team on our end-of-trip retreat.

This was a summer of learning and discovery, and now it will be time to leverage what they’ve learned.

We selected a team of influencers for a reason.  Now it’s time for them to do what they do best… influence!

What about you?

Now, as we officially wrap up the 2012 World Next Door summer internship, I’d like to extend an invitation to you.  Will you help us multiply the impact of this summer?

How?  Well, there are three ways…

First, you can read through the articles and photo galleries that you may have missed this summer.  There has been a lot of amazing content on our site!

Second, you can check out our Loving South Africa partner page to see all sorts of next steps you can take to jump into the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Finally, you can pass on info about our summer internship program so the young leaders in your life can have the opportunity to grow.  Our staff is already talking about next summer’s internship, so it’s never too early to spread the word!

We’ve all had a life-changing summer… what about you?

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Next Steps
    • We really need your help spreading the word about next year’s summer internship. Please take a look at our internship page and pass the link along!
    • If you’d like to stay updated about future World Next Door trips, sign up for our monthly newsletter.
    • Please continue to pray for our interns as they discover what God has next for them. I’m excited to see where they all end up!
    Next Steps

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