In August 2012, World Changers Academy will celebrate its 10th anniversary. During those 10 years, more than 25,000 lives have been changed by Life Skills and leadership programs throughout the province of Kwazulu-Natal.

25,000 lives.

Just a few of the young leaders that changed my life.

And that’s just the number of students who have gone through World Changers programs. But I know from the many conversations I’ve had with students and alumni that their lives weren’t the only ones changed by the program. Siblings and parents and children and friends were changed, too.

They’ve stopped doing drugs. They’re leaving abusive relationships. They’re setting goals. They’re pursuing a relationship with Jesus. As individuals change, families change. And as families change, communities change.

In short, the name World Changers Academy is beautifully accurate. I have been deeply humbled and blessed to learn from these young world changers this summer.

I’m heading home inspired to take a hard look at how I can pour out my life in the same way theirs are being poured out in service to others. I want to be faithful wherever God places me, with whatever He gives me.

So make that 25,001 lives that have been changed by World Changers Academy…

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About the Author: Jen Gunnels is a 2012 summer intern. She graduated in 2005 from Indiana University, where she studied journalism, political science and IU basketball. She loves sports, country music and the state fair and after feeling a stirring in her heart to leave her cubicle and go write, she is doing just that!

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