For as much as I love my morning cup of coffee, I know very little about what it takes for it to get from the plant to my cup. But thanks to the people of Café Justo, I’m seeing the whole process!

Café Justo is dedicated to providing a fair price to coffee growers so they can live and work in their home communities, send their children to school, have health insurance and live comfortably.

The cooperative includes growers and roasters, allowing Café Justo to capture all the revenue from the production and sale of the final product. The coffee comes from four different cooperatives throughout Mexico to Agua Prieta, where it’s processed and exported.

Follow coffee from Salvador Urbina, Chiapas all the way to the United States!

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Next Steps
    • Are you a coffee drinker? Your coffee purchase could help the people of Café Justo! Everything you need to know about ordering coffee, or to get involved, is listed here to make it easy to take action.
    • Better yet…become a coffee distributor! It’s simple: get a few neighbors committed to drinking Café Justo, set up a booth at your church, or get your company’s cafeteria to carry it. Help create more opportunities for the coffee growers of Mexico.
    • Next time you go out to your favorite café for a cup of coffee, ask them where the coffee comes from. Is it at least Fair Trade coffee? If not, write a letter! Let people know that we’re willing to pay a few extra cents for a product that pays a fair wage to those involved in its production.
    • Pray for the work of Café Justo—those providing the product and the partner volunteers working to sell coffee here in the U.S.
    Next Steps

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