In the Potter’s House building in Guatemala City, things move quickly. Programs, visitors, deliveries and staff members bustle around the place all day. But amidst all of this, I have found one consistent, dependable comfort:

Little hugs. Or I should say big hugs from my many little friends in the Potter’s House education program.

Five days a week, nearly 200 preschool though high school aged children from the dump community gather in the Potter’s House facilities for tutoring, weekly devotionals and lunch. These guys are the focus of the Potter’s House mission.

In recent history, many children scavenged in the dump alongside their parents in place of attending school. Now, the city government has started managing the area, issuing permits to anyone wishing to work in the dump—excluding children. However, some children still don’t attend school because they must work to process recyclables their parents find in the dump, and others are unable to afford school fees and materials.

These Treasures need and deserve an education.

Thanks to the Potter’s House child sponsorship program, children from the dump community not only attend school, but they receive 20 hours of extra tutoring a week, a daily nutritional lunch, medical care and the love and support of Potter’s House staff.

I wish everyone could be here to experience the hugs firsthand, but instead, I’m sending these photos.

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Next Steps
    • You can be a part of unlocking the potential of one of Guatemala City’s Treasures. Please consider sponsoring a child!
    • Education is a community effort. Are there any churches or programs near you that could use a volunteer tutor? Get out there and help!
    • Next time you talk to a young person, ask him or her about school. It’s encouraging to know that someone cares.
    • Pray for the Potter’s House Treasures in the education program. Pray for their guidance and safety and for the teachers and staff who care for them along the way.
    Next Steps

About the Author: Laura is a journalism fellow with World Next Door. She graduated from the University of Arizona, Tucson with a degree in Animal Sciences and a minor in Spanish. She is constantly learning, making friends, dancing, and trying to understand her role in alleviating the suffering of others. Laura also attracts a lot of awkward situations.

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