As we continue the countdown for South Africa – currently down to 12 days if you haven’t been keeping track – I wanted to make sure all our wonderful, talented and amazing WND readers marked their calendars for the upcoming Intern Commissioning event on Sunday, June 3.

So now that I have you all buttered up with compliments (did I mention that outfit looks great on you today?), here’s the scoop. The Intern Commissioning is not only a chance to mingle and eat some tasty snacks, but an opportunity to personally meet our three interns before they head off to the southern hemisphere for the summer.

There will be a short program and official “commissioning” – praying for them and standing with them as they set off on an adventure of a lifetime!

Perhaps you have been wondering, “What brought them to this place in their life journey?” or “How do they plan to handle the African heat?” (Trick question…it’s winter there, so we will be the ones sweating it out here in the U.S.) Well, now is your chance.

The event is casual and kicks off at 1:00 p.m. at Grace Community Church in Room 111. Whether you are a new reader wanting to learn more about what to expect this summer or a long-time follower stopping in to say hello and send encouragement – we hope to see you!

And if you would like to volunteer to help coordinate some of the details of the event (translated to: interest in baking or bringing snacks), shoot me an email!

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About the Author: Kelly Voight is World Next Door’s Communications Coordinator. Experienced in journalism and in love with travel, she desires to shed light on social injustices around the world. Kelly has never met a pizza she didn’t like, loves camping and has never told a short story in her life. She also plays a mean washboard.

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