I’ve been here a few weeks, and each day brings a new picture of Jesus’ compassion I never knew existed. In big ways and small, this place is changing lives, and what an honor it’s been to spend time here!

Patients try to warm up in the morning sun outside one of the TB wards.

Words do no justice to the amazing, awe-inspiring, humbling place that is Sewa Ashram – so maybe a few videos will!

(unknown photographer) – An old photo of a patient, who is now a staff member at the Ashram…he’s in the second video, so keep your eyes peeled.

Below, you’ll see a video I made that provides a detailed tour of the facilities. But rest assured, there’s plenty to see and hear. Just ignore my bad jokes.

I also wanted to include another video that was produced by folks at Sewa Ashram. This video is absolutely amazing and honestly brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. It was produced in 2010 and is a true representation of the wonderful work being done here at Sewa Ashram, all in the name of Christ’s love. Have tissues handy.

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Next Steps
    • Think about what service of the sick entails. In some ways, we may glamorize and idealize it. In reality, however, it’s messy and often accompanied by foul sights, smells and attitudes. The lepers and the sick Jesus healed certainly didn’t look like movie stars or smell like roses.
    • Are you willing to serve the sick? If so, plenty of volunteer opportunities surround you, whether it’s visiting nursing homes, hospitals or special needs facilities. If not, then support those who do, including the folks at Sewa Ashram.
    • Pray for those who serve at the Ashram. It takes courage, dedication, love and humility. Pray for the staff members, as well as the patients, and for God’s ongoing guidance as the facility continues to evolve.
    Next Steps

About the Author: Stephen Crane is a year-long fellow with World Next Door. He has a bachelor's degree in theology from Calvin College and a master's degree in journalism from Indiana University. He has a passion for overlooked places and people and would snowboard at all times if it were possible!

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  1. JimM said... 


    March 19th, 2012 at 10:24 pm  

    Stephen, these images create a mix of emotions and a twice as many questions. Watching the staff tend to the least of the least of the of these…its compelling.

    The Hope for restoration and redemption being lived into by the staff is miraculous. Their trust and faith in the Father is palpable in the second video.

    So much with so little…God magnifying what they bring. They continue to press on in faith when the task seems hopeless, scarey and under resourced. Living out a Faith we heard Gary Haugan speak of at a summit a few years back.

    Your video preceding theirs gives us a view the limited resources and then theirs paints the picture of limitless possibilities.

    Fantastic work, I hope you are getting some rest along the path. This must be tough in many ways.

    • Steve-O said... 


      March 23rd, 2012 at 3:15 pm  

      You nailed it on the head Jim!
      This place (and the work they’re doing on a daily basis) is absolutely mind-blowing… I’m honored, humbled, privileged and convicted being here.
      Thanks, as always, for your insights and support. You too are a blessing to many.

  2. Jessica said... 


    March 25th, 2012 at 3:47 pm  

    I loved the family homes! What an all-encompassing way to embody God’s love. The joy was just bubbling out of the kids:)

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