Lives are being transformed here at India Rural Evangelical Fellowship (IREF).

Children who would otherwise be destined to a life of poverty are being given the tools to change the pattern. They’re being given a foundation of faith and a mind of knowledge, inside and outside the classroom. They’re getting an education that is a crucial component in breaking the cycle of poverty that has afflicted their families for generations.

No longer must they be resigned to their place on the bottom of the social ladder. They’re being empowered by the education they receive. They’re being given hope for a new pattern, for aspirations they never knew were possible.

But they’re not alone.

IREF’s mission of cultural change extends to those all around them – in the rural villages and overlooked places there in southern India. The presence of Christ changes lives, and IREF is doing all it can to bring that spirit of Christ to as many people as possible. Armed with a message of equality, love and hope, IREF is changing lives outside the school system as well.

While my time there has come and gone, the friends I made and the hope I experienced will never be forgotten.

In case you missed them, you’ll find individual links below to all the stories and galleries from IREF. Take a few minutes to see all these folks have been doing for the Cause.

End of One Journey, Beginning of Another

The folks here at IREF are educating generations of Indian kids to think differently about God, about themselves and about their place in this world.

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Photo Gallery: Foundations of Knowledge and Truth

What’s it like going to school in India? Here’s a sneak peek.

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An Elevator to the Future

In the eyes of some, they may be the lowly and despised. But they’re being given the tools to reverse the worldly paradigms!

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Photo Gallery: Bare Thread to Blanket

A caste of weavers gives a fascinating glimpse back in time, despite my inner conflict.

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The Dreaded Dance of India

Whatever this was, it was coming on quickly, and things were going to get ugly.

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A Hopeless Cause

“I’m better than you. I always will be. And there’s nothing you can do to change that.”

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Did that Mountain just Move?!

Too many of us in the Western world are busy feeling good about ourselves to realize how hard we must fight for our faith.

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