I’ve spent three weeks trying to keep up with Safe Families for Children as they worked throughout Indianapolis. These guys dedicate every waking (and sometimes interrupted sleep) moment to helping families and children in crisis. What’s the incredible tool they use to bring help and hope to these families?

Regular people like you and me.

Suburban families are turning their homes into safe havens for children in need of temporary placement. Volunteers are surrounding families in crisis to help them get back on their feet. Families from different worlds are opening their hearts to one another and forming relationships.

Safe Families works for great kids like Bethany.

Everything I’ve seen here in Indianapolis has touched me, but I know it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Safe Families operates across the United States to reconnect communities, inviting us to reclaim our role as true neighbors to one another. As you’ll read about here, amazing things happen when we answer that call.

It Just Makes Sense

I’m diving into Safe Families, Indianapolis. They may be ordinary people caring for children and families in crisis, but you’ll see their impact is extraordinary…

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Safe Families on the Road

Ride along with Safe Families volunteer Jan Clark as she explains what makes this awesome organization tick.

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It Takes a Village

Meet a woman whose struggle overwhelms but inspires me. She is facing big obstacles with even bigger support from Safe Families.

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Photo Gallery: It Takes a Village

Now that we’ve heard Tabby’s story in “It Takes a Village,” it’s time to see everyone who’s involved in supporting this incredible woman and her family.

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We Have Room

Read about my experience living with the Smith family and the children they are hosting through Safe Families. This family knows what it means to open their home and hearts to others…

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Encouraging Perspectives

Meet Tracy and Lisa, the Safe Families social workers who I’ve grown to love. Listen to their perspectives on how God is at work in this ministry…

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The Messy Stuff

What happens when a Safe Family must say goodbye to the child they hosted? In the case of the Ray family, the farewell marked the beginning of a much bigger experience.

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About the Author: Laura is a journalism fellow with World Next Door. She graduated from the University of Arizona, Tucson with a degree in Animal Sciences and a minor in Spanish. She is constantly learning, making friends, dancing, and trying to understand her role in alleviating the suffering of others. Laura also attracts a lot of awkward situations.

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  1. Phil Grizzard said... 


    October 20th, 2011 at 4:59 pm  

    Oh no, does this summary mean your posts are about to end?

    Your detailed stories of Safe Families have been inspirational, educational, and funny. I can’t wait to get your reports from whatever part of the planet you’re on next!

  2. Chuck Gross said... 


    October 21st, 2011 at 8:30 am  

    Hi Laura:
    When we first met in Town Square at Grace Community Church Noblesville, I thought, “Animal Science, University of Arizona and now Indiana and WND?” The thread that connected all of those parts and make it come together was when you said you were interested in understanding poverty and making a difference. Your work with the Safe Families for Children Central Indiana (SFFCCI) staff and volunteers has been productive for us. As I have read your observations and thoughts about the kids, biological families, volunteer host home families and staff, you have taught me much. Thanks for coming along side this movement and making it better by journaling our story. I am still pondering “Animal Science?” You are a blessing.
    Chuck Gross
    President – SFFCCI Advisory Board

  3. Laura Stump said... 


    October 25th, 2011 at 2:43 pm  

    Phil: Thanks for following…there are certainly more incredible ministries coming up to read about here :)

    Chuck: It was really an honor to get to walk alongside such wonderful people who are “in the trenches” in the fight against injustice. I hope these articles are an encouragement to your work.

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