“Epic,” “legit” and “rad” are words in my everyday vocabulary.

Naturally, I thought my summer kickin’ it in Kenya would be all of these things. I was wrong.

I lived in a townhouse. I played Hide-and-Seek with my Kenyan little sister, baby brother and cat, Tracy. I worked at an office controlling Tanari Trust’s social media.

Most of the time, I was uncomfortably comfortable—eating fast food, watching new releases and using indoor plumbing.

Kenya’s future entrepreneurs.

While I yearned for unknown adventure, I found myself surrounded by the unexpectedly ordinary.

And I discovered that I kind of dig typical things.

I like following an office dress code if it ushers me into community. I like going to camp if it reminds me of my beliefs. I like hanging out with teenage girls if it inspires me to change the world.

God has this thing for the ordinary.

At least that’s what I learned this summer surrounded by a welcoming family, loving coworkers and boy-crazy future entrepreneurs.

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

I guess it was a pretty rad summer after all.

Stuck in the Suburbs

When I learned I was spending the summer in Kenya, I never imagined my life would be so intriguingly ordinary!

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Better Than Alright

Change starts with a girl…

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Modest is Hottest

Apparently, the clever ladies’ Christian T-shirt adage is right—at least in Nairobi!

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Kingdom Camping

Sometimes salvation is closer than it seems…

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Photo Gallery: Young Entrepreneurs

All it takes is a girl.

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The Measure of Success

They say, “A business is only as good as its product.”

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About the Author: Jocelyn is a freelance photojournalist with World Next Door. She studied Creative Writing and Missions at Concordia University Irvine. She enjoys reading, writing and traveling. She also likes butterflies.

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  1. Catherine Bell said... 


    August 15th, 2011 at 11:48 pm  

    Thanks for all your sharings, Jocelyn. Perhaps as you head home the ordinary will become the extraordinary.

    It has been a joy to pray for you daily during this time. I have a feeling the Lord will continue to bring you to my mind and prayers in the weeks to come. May He lead you clearly now in your next steps. Catherine Bell

  2. Jim.M said... 


    August 16th, 2011 at 12:42 am  

    Jocelyn, You have done a remarkable job this summer! Your free spirit, and talented journalism was such a blessing to WND this summer. You skillfully took the readers on your journey. May God continue to bless, and shape your life and writing, and may you continue to use your craft for His purpose.


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