From March 28-April 2, 2011, I had the opportunity to spend time with Nehemiah Vision Ministries, WND’s partner organization in the village of Chambrun, Haiti.  My goal for the trip was simple: secure more sponsors for NVM’s amazing child-sponsorship program.

One of the most memorable moments of the trip was when I met my own sponsored child, six year old Chené Estrame, and gave him his very first Tonka truck.  Never before have I felt so sure that a financial investment would reap such incredible rewards in the life of another.

I also had the opportunity to catch up with our friends, the Elliotts (an American family living in Haiti for the year) and to spend time with baby Rosmelie, the once-malnourished child I met during my last trip to the country.

Samira Jean, one of the many children given an education because of NVM’s child-sponsorship program.

All in all, despite how short the trip was, it was an experience I won’t soon forget.

So read on!   And see how you can change the life of a child forever…


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About the Author: Barry is the founder and Executive Director of World Next Door. A storyteller, traveller and giant nerd, he lives to compel suburban Americans to get engaged with social justice and find their place in God's kingdom revolution. His ultimate dream is to adopt a pet monkey named Kevin.

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  1. Jim.M said... 


    April 14th, 2011 at 11:30 pm  

    Barry, Thanks for doing such a great job sharing the heart of NVM’s Child Sponsorship Program with us in such a short time. Thanks for showing us the “long haul” view of NVM’s commitment to not only these children, but to the community of Chambrun.

    Your personal lead in sponsoring a child should give all of us confidence that this is an organization in whom we can place our trust. And more importantly this is an organization in whom the children can place their trust.

    What a wonderful opportunity God has provided for us through NVM to come alongside a child in need, and provide.

    God provides…

    Through His people God will provide for these children of Chambrun. As Richard Sterns of Word Vision says…we are God’s “Plan A” to serve those in need…there is no “Plan B”.

    So how do we respond.

    My prayer, Father may these precious children of Yours be provided enough of what they need by the hands of Your people, and may we see it multiplied in the years ahead in ways we can not even imagine today. Thank You for the long suffering work of NVM in bringing Your Kingdom here, now. Amen.

    Barry, thank you for opening our eyes to this.

    Safe travels friend.

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