Best of 2010 #5

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What can I say about little Peter?  He has stolen my heart.

Every time I get discouraged by the injustice of this world, whenever I feel like the kingdom of God is just too far away, I think of Peter.  He represents for me some of the most beautiful examples of hope, love and reconciliation that I have ever seen.

The last time I spoke with Peter, he was lying in his bed (sharing a room with his amazing adoptive brother Taras).  I was leaving Ukraine the next morning and wanted to say goodbye.

Peter and three of his new sisters.

Peter’s muscular dystrophy has continued to advance, so he was extremely weak when I saw him.  I came into the room and sat down on the edge of his bed.  When Taras told him that I was there, Peter turned his head, using his hand to push his head in the right direction.

We shared a few words and I prayed for Peter, trying desperately not to burst into tears.

But the tears didn’t come from his condition.  They weren’t tears of sadness.  My tears for Peter were ones of gratitude.

Peter has a father.  Peter has a mother. Peter has siblings.  Peter has a home.

The kingdom of God may not be big and flashy, but for one little orphan in Ukraine, it was very, very real.


If you want to read the whole saga of Peter’s adoption, check out  Otherwise, click below to read “Welcome Home!”

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