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Of all the trips we took in 2010, there was one that stood out the most.  It received by far the most pageviews and garnered a ton of impassioned responses.  People were deeply moved and I still have people tell me how it changed them.

The trip?  New York City.

Dawn in central park. Quite a different experience after living on the streets!

During my time in NYC, I lived homeless for four days and three nights in Manhattan.  I wanted to see what life was like on the streets, and boy, was I in for an eye-opening experience.

I wrote four articles during my stay (mostly from a free public computer at the library).  One of them focused on my experience panhandling (click here), one was about the night I spent sleeping in Penn Station (click here), one covered my two nights living in a homeless shelter (click here), and the final one touched on the emotional baggage that came from just four days on the streets (click here).

According to my algorithm, three of the “On the Streets” articles landed in the top 10, so for the sake of variety, I counted them all together as #1.

If you are interested in getting a small glimpse into what it’s like living on the streets, I encourage you to read all four.  If you have time for only one, be sure to check out “Day One.”



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  1. Jim.M said... 


    February 18th, 2011 at 12:29 am  


    Thanks so much for this “Best Of” look back on 2010. I hope your readers have taken the opportunity to enjoy this recap. I agree this NYC series is one that hit close to home for many. Here are the stories and faces of domestic poverty that we all see, and ultimately must make a choice about from time to time. We walk by on the other side of the road, or we tend to, cloth, feed, and love our neighbor. There is no escaping this reality, it’s not “over there” its just down the block. It’s right outside the downtown restaurant where we eat. We are reminded of it by the sound of coins shaking in a paper cup.

    This “Best of” series is such a wonderful overview of the depth and scope of where God is taking WND.

    May God continue to bless this work, and may our eyes continue to be opened by these stories. May we hear more clearly the cries of the poor, and run toward them. May you continue to shine the light of Hope into dark places around the world my friend, and may you stay safe in His arms as you do this work.


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