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Welcome to episode 7 of our video blog, World Next Door Uncut.  In this episode, I take you with me to a village in rural India called Sadullakheda.  As you’ve probably already seen in my latest photo gallery, the village had just experienced a moving and powerful footwashing event.

After the event was over I got to spend the night in the village.  It was awesome.  And while I was there I thought WND Uncut would be a perfect way to introduce you to one of the women who had been touched deeply by the event.

Now, I want to emphasize that this is called World Next Door Uncut.  I do these in one take.  No editing.  So you’re going to have to forgive me for the fact that the top of my head is cut off for the first minute or so.  :-)

After filming this, I realized my mistake, but decided that there was no possible way I could adequately explain why I was asking her the same questions over again…

So lesson learned… Double check the camera’s view before I hit record!


Episode 7 Footnotes

  • Curious where Lucknow is?  Check it out on a map
  • Notice all the confused stares.  I’m staying the night in a village that hasn’t seen a white person in decades.  I sort of stood out a bit.  :-)
  • Her name, which I definitely could not pronounce at the time, is Parmeshvary Devi.
  • Parmeshvary has five sons and four daughters.  Altogether she has nine grandchildren.
  • This village is made up primarily of people in the Shepherd Caste.  There are thousands of castes and sub-castes in India.  Wikipedia actually does a good job of explaining how it works…
  • See you next time… in Cambodia!

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