In September of 2010, I spent a week and a half living with internally displaced people (IDPs) in a Haitian tent village.  I spent my time wandering Port-au-Prince with my translator, interviewing earthquake survivors and getting a sense of what life was really like for average Haitians now that the global media has moved on.

The facts were startlingly bleak.  There is very little aid reaching those who need it, and many IDPs are getting by with less than one meal a day.  And yet, the Haitian people are incredibly strong.  I never once heard a “woe is me” attitude.  Instead, people have accepted their circumstances and work hard every day to survive.

Baby Rosmelie and her mother, an incredible story of hope in a very dark place. Read her article below!

And although the situation is rather hopeless on a grand scale, there are glimmers of hope in the midst of the darkness.

One of the brightest of those glimmers, in my opinion, is the work of Nehemiah Vision Ministries.  Their tireless devotion to the community of Chambrun gives me hope that Haiti can be restored.

If you look below, you’ll find all of the articles I wrote on this trip to Haiti.  I encourage you to brew a cup of coffee, read them all and let the hope of the kingdom of God astound you… because I know that what I saw in Haiti was truly astounding.

Back to Haiti!

What will it be like to see Haiti through the eyes of a refugee?

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Made It

I made it to Haiti in one piece.  Now the real adventure begins!

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A New Kind of Normal

How could a family that lost everything still fight hard to go on?

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Unexpected Hospitality

In a place filled with people who have nothing, I am living with a family that gives everything.

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World Next Door Uncut – Episode 1

Check out the first episode of World Next Door’s new video blog!

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A Glimmer

After hearing the stories of many Haitian IDPs, I am convinced yet again that there is hope in Haiti…

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Culture Guide: Being Blan

Alien languages, sweat pheromones and sewage jumping… All in a day’s work!

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World Next Door Uncut – Episode 2

Episode 2 of our brand new video blog is live!

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Photo Gallery: A Glimpse Into Humanity

In a surprising way, living in a tent village has taught me what it means to be human.

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Why did the number 63 mess with my emotions so much?

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World Next Door Uncut – Episode 3

Episode 3 of our video blog is live.  Now with extra wind!

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Could our well-intentioned aid to Haiti be totally missing the point?

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Can a despairing teenage mother learn to care for her neglected infant?  Absolutely…

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