This summer I had the privilege of working with Last Bell Ministries in Zhytomyr, Ukraine.  Their mission is to reach the children coming out of the Ukrainian orphanage system for Christ.  Through their daily lives and interactions, they teach these kids what it means to be loved by man and by God.   

As I walked alongside these wonderful people this summer, I was struck once more by the incredible power of community.  Statistics show that, if nothing is done, 70% of the boys will end up in prison, 60% of the girls will turn to prostitution, and 10% of all Ukrainian orphans will commit suicide before their 18th birthdays.  Fortunately, the leaders at LBM are committed to creating a healthy community for these kids to live and grow in.    

This is Olya, a leader from The Haven with one of the amazing girls that just graduated from Orphanage number 4. Their relationship is just beginning and I can’t wait to see the good that comes out of this “family”.

And it’s working.  Change is possible if people are prayerfully committed to breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect.    

Though I only spent two short months in Ukraine, I did my best to chronicle the many stories of faith that I witnessed there.  You can read the articles I wrote on this journey below.   

Home for the Summer

If you like to dance disco or enjoy hitting mud with sticks, you just might be Ukrainian.   

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Culture Guide: Learning Ukrainian like Evel Knievel

How to learn Ukrainian in five seconds flat…wait…I think my watch is busted.  

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Struggling to Find an Emotional Anchor

One just got out of prison. The other beat a kid half to death with a metal pipe.  What do they both need?  

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Training ‘Cross Country

I was dirty, I was smelly, I was smiling.  

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Photo Gallery: Holiday at the Sea

Water, water everywhere but what’s the point of it all?  

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Trying My Patience

Is he a beast or a baby?  

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Photo Gallery: Let’s Go Camping!

It started out as a simple vacation, but it turned into something far more significant.  

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Breaking the Cycle

Can a tortured child ever learn to forgive? 

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About the Author: Christopher N. Cambell was a summer intern with World Next Door in 2010. He is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute and an avid reader. He has an endless appetite for stories both true and otherwise and loves using those to better know and understand people.

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