While the scars left from the 2008 post-election violence are still painfully visible throughout the Rift Valley, some communities are ready to rebuild in a new, meaningful way.

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Next Steps
    • Pray for continued reconciliation in Rorigi and in the other divided communities throughout the Rift Valley.
    • Learn more about the “Msafara” gathering here.
    • Help cover the cost of building materials for the reconstruction of Rorigi’s churches. Contact info@karuracc.or.ke for more information.
    • Read Reconciling All Things by Emmanuel Katongole and Chris Rice for a great perspective on the importance of reconciliation in both the US and Africa, and our role in that process.
    Next Steps

About the Author: Jessica Shewan is a journalist with World Next Door. She graduated in 2009 from The University of Evansville with a bachelor's degree in History. She loves making new international friends and is passionate about seeing the global church pursue justice and peace!

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  1. Michelle said... 


    September 24th, 2009 at 11:42 am  

    Thanks, Jess, for this story of hope, and the opportunity to “see” signs of reconciliation and peacebuilding that can withstand political threats. God is at work, forgiveness is possible! I also appreciated the link to Pastor M’s blog, which gave me more understanding of the issues and the amazing birth of the Msafara. Glad you are still there and giving us ways to participate in what God is doing in Kenya.

  2. Ali Brown said... 


    September 30th, 2009 at 8:43 am  

    What a beautiful story of redemption and forgiveness in the truest sense. It really makes the “battles” going on here in the U.S. seem so miniscule. Thank you so much for continuing to share the beauty of Kenya with us. You are such a blessing, Jess!

  3. Bill Shewan said... 


    October 4th, 2009 at 2:23 pm  

    Jess – it was so good to put faces and scenes together with the stories you have told. What a blessing to see first hand God on the move bringing healing and reconciliation – permanent healing. Thank you for being there and taking me there.

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