Being embedded in Kenya for nearly two months provided me with many opportunities to think, learn, and mature in ways that no other internship could ever possibly offer.

A beautiful stream in the midst of an arduous hike!

This internship showed me the dire need for more social justice advocacy at home and abroad and has transformed my life, and future ambitions, to be focused on ending social injustice.

Photo Gallery: Huruma Kids!

On our first day in Kenya, we went to Huruma Slum. To my surprise, these kids were some of the happiest I’ve ever seen!

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Conversations with Emily

After talking with our house help, Emily, my perceptions of the world and of America have been shaken.

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Camp Malta

As a part of my internship with Tanari Trust, I was sent to help prepare for camps that would be occurring at Tanari’s Camp Malta. It was an experience I won’t soon forget…

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Bloody Knuckles

I knew I’d leave some luxuries behind when I decided to intern in Kenya, but I never thought I’d bleed because of that decision.

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About the Author: Scott Quigley was a summer intern with World Next Door in 2009. He is a Junior at American University majoring in Anthropology. Scott loves studying international cultures and has a mortal fear of vending machines.

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