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Romaniv Boys Orphanage

Occasionally during intense or memorable experiences, you and I can have moments of clarity where we step back from what we are doing and realize, “I will remember this forever.” Well on Thursday I visited the Romaniv Boys Orphanage, and it was definitely one of those moments…

Where Are the Dudes?

There are a LOT more girls involved in social justice than guys. Does someone want to explain why???

Bright Flowers and Barbed Wire

I don’t have the words to describe my first few days in Nairobi but I’ve decided that this image captures it… Bright flowers meet barbed wire.

Photo Gallery: Mombasa

At World Next Door, we may suffer through illnesses, strange food, odd customs and uncomfortable transportation, but MAN… we sure know how to wrap up a trip!

Doing the Impossible

The mission of Truthseekers International is unbelievably audacious. Can they really make a difference with everything set against them?

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