Dr. Bashek

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My plans are never as good as the ones God leads me into.

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Loving Beyond

Posted Nov 12 in Travel Journals by 1 Comment

The way you are with others every day, regardless of their status, is the true test of faith…

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You’re Beautiful

Posted Nov 10 in Travel Journals by 4 Comments

We have the power to be a part of providential circumstances…

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Ukrainian Top Ten!

Posted Nov 03 in Travel Journals by 2 Comments

Just a few observations for your enjoyment today…

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Radiant Joy

Posted Oct 31 in Travel Journals by 2 Comments

Walking into the military hospital…would we be welcomed?

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Major Announcement

Posted Oct 27 in News by No Comments

Huge changes are ahead for World Next Door. Take a look at what’s coming down the road for this ministry!

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Looking Ahead

Some major changes are in store for World Next Door. Here’s what’s on the horizon.

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The Guatemala Issue!

See how God is breaking the cycle of poverty in rural Guatemala through World Next Door’s newest partner ministry, Saber y Gracia!

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Speaking Tour!

Amazing stories, inspiring anecdotes, and the truth of how Poverty + Poverty = Wealth

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Meet the Interns

Get to know the 2014 summer internship team!

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2014 Intern Commissioning

Don’t miss this chance to meet the 2014 summer internship team!

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